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Hinterland Netball Association Joins the Fight to beat Lymphoma 

Every year the Hinterland Netball Association selects a charity to support at their yearly charity day. This year, the day will be very special as Hamish O’Brien the young son of one of their players will be the inspiration to raise awareness about a cancer that his family knew nothing about when it came into their lives. Players and officials will be wearing lime green the colour of the cancer rainbow for lymphoma as they join the fight to beat this cancer. 


The inspirational legacy of Hamish O’Brien 

Hamish O’Brien was born on 23rd April 2014 and on 30th October at 6 months of age he was admitted into hospital with Burkitts Lymphoma. His mum and dad, Natasha and Damo had no idea what lymphoma was when their little boy was diagnosed with lymphoma. He was happy but the strange lump in his abdomen and loss of weight, despite a healthy appetite alerted them that something was wrong with their baby.

Tests showed Burkitt’s lymphoma and chemotherapy treatment was started straight away as this type of lymphoma is classified as aggressive but in many cases it will respond very well to treatment. Little Hamish and his parents spend months at the hospital where Hamish became an inspiration to everyone around him with his big smiles and warm cuddles. He also reached all of his baby milestones and was walking by his first birthday. 
Sadly , on Anzac Day 2015, after a long and hard fight Hamish lost his battle with lymphoma but the fighting spirit of this little warrior will continue as his story is shared to raise awareness for this cancer. 

Please join the fight - Give to the Hamish O'Brien legacy to fight lymphoma

Thank You

Lymphoma Australia would like to thank officials, players and supporters at the Hinterland Netball Association for raising so much awareness and support for lymphoma