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Young Patients

Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system that can affect any one of any age including children and young adults.

Lymphoma is the:

- 3rd most common cancer in children, ages 0 -14 years

- 5th most common cancer in adults

- Currently the number one cancer in the 18 - 35 year age group in the UK, Canada and the USA  

There are many subtypes under the Lymphoma banner. To help families better understand what happen after a Lymphoma diagnosis, Lymphoma  Australia has developed "The Lymphoma Journey".

This section of our website has been developed to help young patients and their families. However the information contained in the main section may also assist your family after a Lymphoma diagnosis.

To order your free copy of The Lymphoma Journey please send an email to enquiries@lymphoma.org.au.

Video: The Lymphoma Journey - Channel 10 News