Christmas Appeal

Christmas Giving Appeal 2021

Right now, it is more important than ever that Australians diagnosed with lymphoma don’t feel alone.

We need to raise $10,000 for vital support services to help patients and families through their diagnosis.

It has been a tough year with hospitals under restrictions, patients receiving treatment alone, services being cut-back, and families being isolated and unable to be there for a loved one at their greatest time of need.

Throughout, Lymphoma Australia has continued to be there – moving our support online, answering additional calls for help and support, and creating education events online to make sure no one is alone on this journey.

Many Australian families will be facing a bleak Christmas and are doing it tough. Having a loved one diagnosed with lymphoma cancer brings added stressors, emotions and turmoil, when it should be a time of celebration and joy.

This Christmas, we ask you to please give a gift to help ensure no one feels alone. Your support will help us to connect patients and their families, provide information so that they know and understand their subtype, and to access the best available treatments. 

Knowledge is power, and you can help.


“After months and months of being unwell, and multiple GP and hospital visits and tests, when you are finally told ‘you have lymphoma’ your mind turns off. It’s like all you hear is those words repeated.  I don’t remember much more of the appointment after that. All I remember is the specialist saying that if you have to get a cancer, this is the one you want. What does that mean? ”

“Thankfully, a nurse told me about Lymphoma Australia and gave me their resource pack. I phoned the Nurse Support line and the nurse who answered, Donna, was amazing. She patiently listened, offered me support and reassurance, and helped me with finding information. I found the Facebook group Donna told me about, and immediately felt that I had found a group where they ‘got it’ – I could ask questions and felt connected. I had hope that I could beat this.

“I felt more confident knowing I could go back to my next appointment with questions to ask, to get the answers I needed.” – Maree, lymphoma patient.


Your gift this Christmas will help fund two very special projects.

Firstly, patient resource packs. Finding out you have lymphoma is only the first step. There are more than 80 different subtypes, some require treatment immediately and some are monitored, often for years before treatment is required.

Every person is unique, and we believe every person should have individualised care. Thanks to our generous community, Lymphoma Patient Resource Packs are provided at no charge to patients, clinics and hospitals across Australia – to give those affected the very best information and support.

Secondly, our Nurse Support Line (1800 953 081) is the vital link to connect with patients and family members. Our Nurses are there from time of diagnosis, throughout treatment, to when a patient rings that bell and moves into survivorship. We also offer care and support for bereavement or end of stage care.

Nurses take the fear out of a lymphoma diagnosis. We are sometimes the only support available to rural and remote patients who feel isolated and unsupported.

We need your help this Christmas to keep the support line open, so that everyone is supported no matter their location.

This Christmas, we don’t want anyone affected by lymphoma to be alone. We want families to enjoy a Christmas together.

That would be the best gift we could hope for this Christmas.

Your donation is enormously appreciated – because it really does give hope where it’s needed most.

Other ways to support us this Christmas

All donations make an impact. This year, we have created a digital Christmas card that you can send to friends, family or colleagues with a donation made to Lymphoma Australia.

Choose your template and add your own personalised message. You can choose to have the card emailed to you first, or direct to the recipient. Your gift card will not only share some joy this Christmas but help to support those families touched by lymphoma.

Your donations are enormously appreciated – because they really do give hope where it’s needed most.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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Donations to Lymphoma Australia over $2.00 are tax deductible. Lymphoma Australia is a registered charity with DGR status. ABN number – 36 709 461 048

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