June Tax Appeal

We want everyone affected by lymphoma to receive the best possible information and support, treatment and care.
This is how we want it to be and with your help, it could be.

Our nurses are already having a considerable impact on our patients and their families working through a lymphoma diagnosis.

Lymphoma Care Nurses are available to offer information on any aspect of lymphoma and to provide a caring and empathetic listening ear to anyone affected by this cancer.

As the end of financial year approaches, we kindly ask that you continue to support our goal by making a gift.

Together, we can take away the fear of the unknown to make sure no one faces lymphoma alone.

Donate before 30 June to support patients and their families through the various phases of their lymphoma journey.

Why we need YOU

There are still more than 6,900 Australians diagnosed with lymphoma each year; that’s one every 2 hours. The numbers are not going down.

Lymphoma is the number one cancer in young people; the 6th most common cancer in adults and the 3rd in children.

Lymphoma Australia is dedicated to raising funds to ensure specialist lymphoma care nurses – an Australian first – are available wherever they are needed. Our next step is to ensure we can continue to fund these vital nurse positions and to reach more Australians.

With your support, these specialist nurses will be able to continue improving the experience for Australian lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) patients through relevant and specialised care, patient support and education.

Please make a gift today to help Australians touched by lymphoma.


With your support, we can continue to provide:
  • Free patient information packs providing information on specific subtypes, help during treatment, a diary to keep notes and support for your ongoing wellbeing
  • Nurse Support line 1800 953 081 – a confidential, free, and direct connection to a specialist lymphoma care nurse. Our free nurse support line ensures that we are only ever a phone call away so that no one feels alone on this journey
  • Support groups – online connection with peers. A private group for support, education, and sharing to bridge the gap and discuss the impacts of lymphoma.
  • A website dedicated to lymphoma that keeps you updated and helps the Australian community understand this cancer
  • Free education sessions for patients, carers and health professionals
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How do Tax-Deductible Donations Work?

With June 30 around the corner, tax-deductible charity donations are a great way to give your tax refund a boost while contributing to a cause that you are passionate about helping. You can directly support Australians affected by lymphoma, to ensure they are not alone.

Please make a donation to Lymphoma Australia before June 30 and claim a tax deduction when submitting your tax return for this financial year.

Lymphoma Australia receives limited government funding and relies on generous donations from individuals and businesses.
Your generosity means we can continue to fund vital lymphoma cancer support services and lymphoma care nurses, and improve the lives of those whom we support.

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Donations to Lymphoma Australia over $2.00 are tax deductible. Lymphoma Australia is a registered charity with DGR status. ABN number – 36 709 461 048

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