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Use our handy resources and get the word out! We want to see Australia put Lymphoma in the Limelight!

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Social Media

Change your profile picture or cover photo, update your status, share our posts, join our campaign. Make sure you post photos and updates and tag us! Use hashtag #Lime4Lymphoma

Twitter – @LymphomaOz  |  Facebook – @LymphomaAustralia  |  Instagram – @lymphomaaustralia 

Download our tiles to use as your profile picture or to update your Stories.

Suggested text:

“September is Lymphoma Awareness Month.

This September, I am helping to put lymphoma in the limelight by going #Lime4Lymphoma.”

You can also use our Facebook Profile Frame

  1. Click on your Profile Picture
  2. Choose “Add Frame”
  3. Search for lime4lymphoma OR love bomb lymphoma
  4. Click on the lime green ‘lymphoma in the limelight’ frame
  5. Choose how long to display for
  6. Save your image


Hosting a Zoom meeting this September? Download our background image and help start a conversation. Or ask to turn your weekly staff meeting LIME – get everyone to wear a hat or headband, bring a lime-green snack or smoothie to the meeting – GO LIME!

Download Light Green Go Lime Background

Download Dark Green Go Lime Background

Download Grey Go Lime Background

Download Light Green Group Background

Download Dark Green Group Background

Download Grey Group Background

Download Light Green Love Bomb Background

Download Dark Green Love Bomb Background

Download Grey Love Bomb Background

Download Light Green Mr.Node Background

Download Dark Green Mr.Node Background

Download Grey Mr.Node Background

Printable Resources

Promote your event with these bright and fun A4 posters. They include some handy statistics about lymphoma to help raise awareness. Print them out and place them in your work lunchroom, community noticeboards, school hallways or use them to decorate your event.


Bunting is great way to jazz up your event! Simply print the attached file in colour to your preferred size, cut out, and stick onto ribbon or string and hang. Add some balloons, lime tablecloths or napkins and your event will come to life!


Ribbons, clothing, jewellery and more! Visit our online store to order merchandise.

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If you require any assistance, please contact us on 1800 359 081 or email

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Donations to Lymphoma Australia over $2.00 are tax deductible. Lymphoma Australia is a registered charity with DGR status. ABN number – 36 709 461 048

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