Love Bomb Lymphoma on September 15 – It is World Lymphoma Awareness Day

This year raising awareness, showing you care and saying thanks is our focus.

We are going to #LoveBombLymphoma on September 15 @ 1pm

How can you join this huge lymphoma bomb event?!

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Your mission...

What is #LoveBombLymphoma?

This year on World Lymphoma Awareness Day – Tuesday 15th September – we are going to drop the world’s biggest online LOVE BOMB!

A Love Bomb is when we share a message of support, positivity, and love to a person we know (or a stranger!) who has been affected by lymphoma. We want them to know that we care, they are valued, and that they have got this!

At the same time, people all over Australia (and even globally) will “bombard” social media with their messages.

You can Love Bomb someone with cancer, a person in remission, someone who is caring for a person with cancer, a friend who was there for you, a doctor or nurse or hospital, or anyone!

The rules are this:

  • Choose your “target”
  • Set up your Love Bomb message and use the hashtag #LoveBombLymphoma and tag @LymphomaAustralia on Facebook or @lymphomaaustralia on Instagram
  • Send at 1.00pm AEST on Tuesday 15th September – DO NOT send before or we lose the special momentum!


1. Pick your target

  • Give a lymphoma /CLL patient the pickup they need.
  • A carer or support person might be the target – what a way to say thanks for just being there
  • Our nurses, doctors, researchers we love you for what you do and you can bomb them to share your thanks!

2. Find out their Facebook, Instagram details

  • If you don’t already know this you might need to be a secret super snooper – remember this is needed for September 15 so you have time

3. Get all their family and friends involved

  • This is up to you how you do this but remember it is a secret – set up a private Messenger group or an email group

4. Prepare your post

This is all about who you are bombing

  • Patients – send a positive message to your nurse or doctor; or a family member or friend who is/was there for you
  • Friends – send to your person who is affected by lymphoma, whether they are in treatment or are a survivor. Gather a group together and keep it a secret from your friend and they will be in for a lovely surprise!!
  • Nurses and Doctors – tag a colleague who is making a difference
  • In Memory – dedicate a #LoveBombLymphoma to someone you have lost
  • Don’t know someone? That’s ok too – you can still share a #LoveBombLymphoma positive message and help spread the word and raise awareness
Suggested text:

You are not in this alone! YOU are amazing and I wanted to let you know we are here for you. #LoveBombLymphoma #Lime4Lymphoma @LymphomaAustralia

5. Drop the bomb on Tuesday the 15th of September on all social media platforms at 1pm

  • Their social media will just keep pinging with messages of support at 1pm on September 15

How to video guides:

Facebook instructions
  1. Open Facebook App or on Desktop
  2. Create a new Post – or click at top of your page ‘What’s on your mind’
  3. Add an image – use one of ours or your own
  4. Add your words of support
  5. Tag your target – your friend / loved one / nurse
  6. Tag Lymphoma Australia – @LymphomaAustralia
  7. Add Hashtags – #LoveBombLymphoma
  8. Post at 1pm 15th September – DO NOT POST BEFORE THEN!!!!
  9. Save Draft – click the X in top left and then Save Draft to come back and use it on the 15th
  10. If you are doing this on the day – post at 1.00pm on 15th Setember
Instagram instructions
  1. Open your App
  2. Click + at bottom of screen
  3. Choose your photo; click next
  4. Write your caption – words of encouragement
  5. Include the hashtag #LoveBombLymphoma; click Ok
  6. Tag people – @lymphomaaustralia
  7. Tag your intended target – your person; click Done
  8. Click SHARE at 1pm on 15th
  9. OR to save the draft – hit the > back arrow a few times until it asks you to Save Draft

You can Post direct to Facebook too if you choose, or add it to your Stories.

Here are some ideas and materials to help you

  • Use and share this lovebomb animation in the lead up to the big event and on the day
  • Share why you are doing this love bomb. What makes this person so special? You can also use this special picture frame to show who you are bombing!!!
  • Share with Lymphoma Australia – on the day but also if you want to let us know now about this special person, we would love some love bomb stories to share

Use the #LoveBombLymphoma heart

Don't have a social media account?

If you do not have Facebook or Instagram accounts, you can still send us your photo and message for our collection that we will share after the 15th September. Email: fundraise@lymphoma.org.au

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