Learning Module 9

The Health Professionals Learning Module 9 was presented in three sessions.

Health Literacy Miniseries
Part one – Introduction (Thursday 7 April, 7pm)

Health Literacy, more than just simple words and layman’s terms.
This webinar will lay the foundation for the following two parts of the series. We will look at what health literacy is, why it’s important and how it is more than just simple words and layman’s terms.

Part two – Personal / Individual Health Literacy (Thursday 21 April, 7pm)

In part two of our health literacy miniseries, we will look at personal or individual factors that can contribute to overall health literacy. 
We will identify some red flags that can help you identify people  at increased risk of low health literacy, and tools available to use in the clinical setting.

Part three – Organisational / Environmental Health Literacy (Wednesday 4th May, 7pm)

In part three of our health literacy mini series we will look at organisational and environmental factors that contribute to overall health literacy. 
We will demonstrate how you can make some simple changes within your organisation or environment to support health literacy and align with universal health literacy principles. We will identify tools that you can use, and how you can engage consumers to ensure good health literacy principles are ingrained in your consumer resources.

Wendy O’Dea has 17 years’ experience as a cancer nurse. She has a broad range of experience in the cancer setting including in private and public health sectors, clinical nursing, apheresis, education and quality and risk management. She has a passion for health literacy, and empowering staff and consumers with education, policy and procedures, and frameworks to ensure the best outcomes for health consumers.
Wendy is the Health Literacy lead at Lymphoma Australia.

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