Lymphoma Awareness Month is here

Lymphoma Month is here!


Lymphoma is the 6th most common cancer in Australia and the number one cancer in the 15-29 year age group.

Did you know!? Lymphoma is a cancer of the immune system and there are more than 6,400 Australians diagnosed with lymphoma each year – that is one person every 2 hours.

By going lime this September (and into October) you will help to increase awareness for lymphoma, our sixth most common cancer in Australia and the #1 cancer in the 15-29 age group.

You will also be helping to fund Lymphoma Care Nurses, who are there to help Australians face the lymphoma journey with hope and courage, not fear of the unknown.

Together we can put the LIMELIGHT on LYMPHOMA. Join us and GO LIME for lymphoma this September.

Get involved!

  • From 1st September change your profile picture for Lymphoma Awareness Month. GO LIME for lymphoma and help raise awareness for this common cancer. Follow us on Social media to share our tiles and messages.
  • Love Bomb Lymphoma! Love Bomb Lymphoma on September 15 – it is World Lymphoma Awareness Day. This year raising awareness, showing you care and saying thanks is our focus. We are going to #LoveBombLymphoma on September 15 @ 1pm. Watch the video and then our ‘how-to guides’ on the website.
  •       Sign up to fundraise. Start your own fundraising page to raise awareness and support for our lymphoma nurses. Go lime your way ! Do something radical – colour, cut or shave your hair or beard, paint your face, wear a lime tutu when shopping… GO LIME and HAVE FUN.
  • Make a donationYour tax-deductible donation, no matter the amount, will immediately support our efforts to ensure Australians with lymphoma cancer can gain access to the latest information, be made aware of the most effective treatments, and be supported by a specialist Lymphoma Care Nurse


Join us! Let’s go #Lime4Lymphoma this September and help support those living with this lymphatic cancer.

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