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Fundraising Support Materials

At Lymphoma Australia we are thankful to all our dedicated fundraisers that have come into our community. To support you in your fundraising efforts, we want to share with you some useful resources so that you can be successful fundraisers and educated advocates for Lymphoma Australia.

Support Materials

Fundraising Tips

Every dollar helps to make a difference. Setting a goal, planning and promoting your fundraising is essential to running a successful fundraising campaign. Be creative and remember that you can have fun with it. 

Have a look at these documents for some useful tips and to to get inspired: 

Still stuck for ideas? Have a look at what others have done to raise awareness and raise much needed funds for Lymphoma Australia and patients across the country.  

Media Kit

You can be an advocate for change, for lymphoma patients and for Lymphoma Australia. Increasing awareness of lymphoma in local communities is integral to raising the national profile of Lymphoma Australia.

How can you spread awareness? How can you contact local media? What should you share with them about lymphoma? Find the answers in the documents below.

Posters and Print Outs

Here are a few things that might help you with your fundraising. Download and print our posters, pledge form and other useful documents here.

For an Authority to Fundraising letter please contact us as we can develop this specifically for your campaign.

If you have any other great ideas? Then get in touch with us as we would love to work with you to develop what you need. Contact us at fundraise@lymphoma.org.au