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Awesome Pete Takes On A Huge Challenge For Lymphoma

TASMANIAN cyclist Pete Culhane spent last weekend enduring 12 laps up and down Hobart’s Mt Wellington for 20 hours to raise awareness and support for the lymphoma cause.


Pete cycled up and down the iconic peak of Mt Wellington from 10pm Friday to 6pm Saturday covering approximately 280 km.

This epic cycle was NON STOP! The overall aim is to raise about $10,000 for Lymphoma Australia  

Each lap was 11.4km from the Fern Tree intersection to the summit and Pete's amazing support team was with him from the start to the finish.

Pete said the feat was known as “Everesting”, a challenge for endurance riders to select a peak and do laps of it until they reached the symbolic 8848m height of Mt Everest.

Effectively, each return lap of Mt Wellington was 828m in height meaning he reached his goal during his 11th lap. However, once he reached his required target of 11 complete laps, he set out for one last effort and managed to reach about 12.25 laps — just over 10,100m.

Pete is a strength and conditioning coach at the Tasmanian Institute of Sport, and he was motivated by budding Tasmanian cyclist Zack Gilmore, who had just started treatment for non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

“I’ve always been interested in long distance and I was inspired to do it for Zack,” Pete said.

“It was a long, hard slog and, at laps eight and nine I hit a bit of a brick wall, but I came good with the finish line quickly approaching.”