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September is Lymphoma Month and is the time to put Lymphoma in the Limelight. With our colleagues from across the globe we also acknowledge World Lymphoma Awareness Day on September 15. 

There are many ways that we can all lime it up for lymphoma / CLL as this cancer doesn't stop for anything !

Fundraise with us!

Start your own fundraising page to raise awareness and support for our lymphoma nurses. Go lime your way ! Do something radical - colour, cut or shave your hair or beard, paint your face, wear a lime tutu when shopping... GO LIME and HAVE FUN. You can also make a donation.

ZOOM meetings that are making a difference !

Raise awareness with your Zoom meetings for the month of September Click here to download your lymphoma zoom backgrounds

Social Media

Make your social media profile an awareness message for lymphoma

Click here for our tiles for Social media

Love Bomb Lymphoma

Join our #LoveBombLymphoma campaign on 15 September at 1pm - share words of encouragement and positivity to your loved one, nurse or friend

Your support will help us:  

  • Have lymphoma care nurses to guide Australian  families through the lymphoma journey
  • Raise awareness of this common cancer  
  • Provide patient support resources and education sessions across Australia for patients, carers and health professionals  
  • Generate funds to support research for a cure 


Here are some extra LIMEtastic ideas that can help you raise awareness and support

  • Hold a morning tea or online event with lime-coloured treats (think LIME milkshakes or cocktails, LIME icing, LIME cheesecake)
  • Buy Lymphoma Australia merchandise - ribbon pins, bandanas / face masks, t-shirts, hats, bracelets etc. 
  • Take on a physical challenge - burpees, cartwheels, walking 10km per day - it is up to you! 





Contact us  

For assistance or to discuss your event with us, contact the Fundraising Team at fundraise@lymphoma.org.au or phone 0412 883 842.