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How Can You Assist the Approval of Medicines in Australia? 

Anyone in Australia who has an interest in a certain medicine and the decision on whether it should be subsidised on the PBS is able to have their voice heard via a submission to PBAC. 

This includes Australians living with a disease, a loved one who has knowledge of the disease, members of the public, carers, family members, friends, health care professionals and patient consumer groups. 

Submissions from patients gives the PBAC committee more knowledge about how a specific medicine can help Australians . This can include, living longer, an improved quality of life or spending more time with family and friends.  

Patients on clinical trials

If you have patients on clinical trials at your site and you think they would be interested in sharing their experience with PBAC please request the information flyer below from us. We can send these to you for distribution at your site. Please email enquiries@lymphoma.org.au and we will post them to you ASAP.