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Host a coffee event 

How you can get onboard!

Specialist lymphoma care nurses are a vital part of the cancer health network. We need more nurses to support more people, and you can help make it happen. 

  • ORDER your own free coffee pack and host a caffeine hit at work, at home, at your hospital or clinic
  • CHAMPION our cause and ask your local coffee shop or café to get involved by using our cups and putting up posters
  • BUY a coffee in one of our cups from a coffee partner (see a list of cafes here)
  • FUNDRAISE by setting up your very own online fundraising campaign – if you only ask 10 friends for $15 each that’s already $150!
  • SHARE via social media – take a pic of you and your lime cup and share on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms (don’t forget to ask for a donation!)


Together, we will raise awareness for lymphoma and CLL; a common cancer that we need to know more about.

Funds raised through the coffee campaign will go towards the employment of additional specialist Lymphoma Care Nurses for placement across Australia. Nurses change lives. Get behind us! Support our coffee campaign this September. Let’s put Lymphoma in the Limelight.

  • Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system and is the number one blood cancer in Australia
  • More than 5,000 Australians are diagnosed with lymphoma each year; one every 2 hours          
  • There are more than 60 subtypes of lymphoma and many are incurable              
  • It is the 3rd most common cancer in children    
  • Lymphoma takes a life every 6 hrs – the same as skin cancer          
  • Lymphoma is the 6th most common cancer in adults and the 3rd in children             
  • The cause of lymphoma is unknown          
  • More than 80 per cent of Australians do not know the signs and symptoms of lymphoma  
  • Lymphoma doesn’t discriminate — anyone can get it.