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World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2018: Small Things Build Confidence

Join Lymphoma Australia as we celebrate World Lymphoma Awareness Day on 15 September. As a member of Lymphoma Coalition, every year we join patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and others concerned and affected by lymphoma in 50 countries around the world to raise awareness of cancers of the lymphatic system.

This year, we’re supporting the Small Things Build Confidence campaign. Living with lymphoma can leave a person feeling uncertain, with many questions, worries and doubts. But the Lymphoma Coalition 2018 Global Patient Survey research has found that confidence, which often stems from information and support, plays a significant role in positive healthcare experiences and outcomes for patients.

When we all start bringing the challenges and issues that patients face into the light, we can support, empower and help patients build confidence.

Patients, caregivers, health care professionals and people concerned about lymphoma patients are invited to join the worldwide Facebook conversation. Between September 9 and 15, connect with the global lymphoma community by following Lymphoma Coalition and Lymphoma Australia and share the small things that help you feel more confident.