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Topic: Novel (new) Therapies for Aggressive Lymphoma and CAR T-cell therapy


  • Dr Michael Dickinson, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Clem Byard, Victorian Cancer Council
  • Deborah Sims, Lymphoma patient & advocate 
  • Kate Halford, ALLG  

Topics included:

  • Cinical trials in Australia  
  • Novel (new) therapies in aggressive (fast growing) lymphoma 
  • CAR T-cell therapy
  • Emotional impact of cancer 
  • Deborah Sims - a patient experience  
  • Live Q&A chat 

Donna Gairns is the National Nurse Director with Lymphoma Australia. Today she provides an update on Lymphoma Australia, and how we provide awareness, advocacy, education, advice, the supports provided and upcoming projects. 

Kate Halford is the partnership and fundraising manager with the Australian Leukaemia & Lymphoma (ALLG) which is Australia and New Zealand’s only not-for-profit blood cancer clinical trial research group. Kate is joining us today to discuss who ALLG is and the important role they play in Australia to help support clinical research for lymphoma and other blood cancers


Dr Michael Dickinson is a haematologist, and the disease group lead of aggressive lymphoma at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre & RMH. Dr Dickinson discussed aggressive (fast growing) lymphoma.  He described some of the current new treatments that are currently being investigated and are showing promise for the treatment of aggressive lymphomas.  Dr Dickinson also provided an overview of what is CAR T-cell therapy, the current use in Australia and who has the best benefit of this treatment.

Clem Byard is a Clinical Nurse Specialist who works on the 13 11 20 Cancer Information and Support line and in Cancer Prevention at Cancer Council Victoria. Clem provided an overview of the emotional impact that a cancer diagnosis can have on a lymphoma patient and their loved ones. He discussed some of the common themes that people experience and provided some tips and resources on how to cope 

For questions or comments, please contact Donna Gairns, Lymphoma Care Nurse; T: 1800 953 081 or nurse@lymphoma.org.au