Dialog Box


What to ask your Doctor

About your diagnosis

  • What kind of lymphoma do I have?
  • Can you tell me it's subtype, grade and stage?
  • What do all these tests I am having tell you? What are they for?
  • Can I get a second opinion?

The treatment

  • What kind of treatment will I have?
  • Is it aimed at curing the disease or relieving the symptoms?
  • Are there any other options?
  • How will the drugs be given? Will this treatment be covered by my health fund or the public hospital?
  • Are there any special instructions about taking tablets at home? How do these tablets help?
  • When will the treatment start and how often will it be given?
  • Are there things I should, or should not do during treatment?

Side effects

  • What are the possible short term side effects of the treatment?
  • How long will they last? Will I feel sick?
  • Should I report any of them immediately?
  • What are the possible long term side effects?
  • Will the treatment affect the possibility of having children?
  • Do I contact the hospital or my GP if I am unwell at home?
  • Can I drive during and after treatment?
  • Will I be able to work whilst I am having treatment?
  • May I drink alcohol and take any drugs that are prescribed for other complaints?

Helping myself

  • Are there foods I shoold or shoold not eat during the treatment?
  • What sort of diet shoold I follow?
  • Should I take regular exercise?
  • How else can I help myself?

After treatment

  • When will I know if the treatment has been successful?
  • How often will I need check ups after the treatment is finished?