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About Us

Our History

An advertisement was placed in the Gold Coast Bulletin in 2003 inviting lymphoma patients to attend an informal meeting in a park at Southport. These patients became the founding group and set up The Lymphoma Support & Research Association. (LSRA) and more recently known as Lymphoma Australia.

Lymphoma Australia is an incorporated charity and is providing education, support and awareness across Australia.

Shirley Winton OAM became the founding president of Lymphoma Australia and her own personal journey with Lymphoma highlighted many of the challenges facing patients and their families across Australia. Despite relapses and a stem cell transplant at the young age of 72 Shirley worked every day and night for this cause until she was called home to heaven in 2005. 

Today Lymphoma Australia is still governed by a volunteer board and has the equivalent of 2 full time staff working with an army of volunteers to support the lymphoma community.  A major goal was set in 2016 to focus on the appointment of Lymphoma Care Nurses across Australia. This means all of our fundraising efforts will be dedictaed to this initiative and we need your help to make this happen  

To date, Lymphoma Australia has also raised the bar within Australia and also at the world level with informative, easy to understand and relevant resources about Lymphoma.

However, a critical component and challenge for our organisation is to address the Lymphoma knowledge gap at the community level and to motivate key decision makers to prioritise this cancer as a significant health concern in our society based on our current facts and figures.

Our Logo

The feather symbolises a guardian angel because our founding patient group wanted to make sure no one felt alone in their lymphoma journey. It is also a symbol of hope to those with lymphoma, and reflects the fact that people are searching for cures for this group of cancers everyday.

Lymphoma Australia relies on grants, fund raising initiatives, donations and sponsorships to continue our work, support research, and to develop our free resources for patients, hospitals and cancer clinics.We are a member of the Lymphoma Coalition which provides global support to the millions of people around the world living with cancer of the lymphatic system. Lymphoma Australia is endorsed with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status from the ATO and receives no government funding.

What does Lymphoma Australia DO? 

  • We support all Australian’s touched by Lymphoma & CLL
  • We raise awareness of Lymphoma.
  • We support Lymphoma Research so we can one day find a cure.
  • Our goal is to fund 3 Lymphoma Care Nurses in Australia in 2017 (a FIRST!)
  • We want patients to feel supported during their journey so we want to expand our patient support information sessions
  • Raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of Lymphoma & CLL to help with earlier diagnosis
  • Provide financial support to patients and their families affected by Lymphoma 
  •  We support Lymphoma Research so we can one day find a cure.
  • We provide a platform to enable Lymphoma Patient support groups to meet and support each other throughout their journey. 
  • We advocate on behalf of our patients to ensure they are getting the best treatment available.

If you would like to attend the AGM please contact us on email enquiries@lymphoma.org.au or phone 1800359081  

If you are not a member of Lymphoma Australia for the purpose of voting at an AGM and would like to join our AGM membership please send us an email for a form to complete.

Email: enquiries@lymphoma.org.au