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Where to find Clinical Trials

The Australian Clinical Trials website allows you to search for a clinical trial by disease type and you will receive a brief description of the trial, eligibility criteria for the trial and contact details for further information. You can visit the Australian Clinical Trials website by following this link; https://www.australianclinicaltrials.gov.au

There is a user friendly app that has been developed by ClinTrial Refer which allows you to search by your subtype of lymphoma for trials anywhere in Australia and it will tell you whether the trial is currently open, where it is open and who to contact for further information. You can visit the ClinTrial Refer website by following this link;


You can download the ClinTrial Refer app for free by visiting your app store on your phone for apple or android users.  

Clin Trials Refer is the result of the tireless work of the development team at the Haematology Clinical Research Network NSW.


Now Available from the App Store (Click Here)