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Education Days

One of the biggest challenges for Lymphoma Australia has been ensuring that all Lymphoma patients and their families have access to up to date information about Lymphoma regardless of where you live.

With advanced technology we will be overcoming this issue with the rollout of education days that allow for live audiences at different locations but with the ability for everyone to join us online from your computer.

Over the last 12-18 months it has been a privilege to host the following  international speakers at our patient & carer education days:

Professor Gilles Salles, Chair of the world leading clinical research organisation Lymphoma Study Association

Professor Mathias Rummel, from the Department for Hematology at the Justus-Liebig University-Hospital, Gießen and lead for the German lymphoma organisation STIL

Professor Andreas Engert, major clinical focus of his work is the German Hodgkin Study  Group.  He has received numerous awards including the Ludwig-Heilmeyer-Medal, the Arthur Pappenheim Award, the research award from the University of Cologne and the prize of the German Cancer Society

Professor Tim Illidge from the United Kingdom. Recognised as an international expert in antibodies and radio immunotherapy applied to lymphoma where he has published in excess of 100 papers.

Professor Massimo Federico is the Director of the Modena Cancer Registry and President of the Angela Serra Association for Cancer Research  

Dr. Bill Wierda from MD Anderson Cancer Centre, Houstan, Texas  

Dr. Adrain Wiestner NHLBI,NIH, Bethesda,MD,USA

Dr Brian Koffman  Medical Director CLL Society Inc. Claremont, CA, USA

Our free education days are brought to you by Lymphoma Australia and the ALLG. Our wonderful community fundraising events and valued partners ensure the Australian lymphoma community have access to this valuable information.


To view the main sessions from some of our latest Education Days, please see below: to view earlier dates please click here  

Lymphoma in the 21st Century - Professor Gilles Salles


Bendamustine - "Best thing since sliced bread" - Professor Mathias Rummel


Relapsed Lymphoma - Assoc. Professor Judith Trotman


On the Couch - Ask the experts


Low-grade Lymphoma with Professor Gilles Salles


Managing Waldenstrom's - With Professor Mathias Rummel


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