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Our Purpose

Our Mission

To support Australians touched by lymphoma, raise awareness for this cancer, and support research for a cure.

Our Goals

  • Provide education and support for individuals diagnosed with lymphoma, and for their support network
  • Advocate for the best treatment and care for lymphoma patients
  • Promote further research and new treatments in lymphoma
  • Promote rapid access to new treatments
  • Fund medical research to find a cure for lymphoma and CLL

Our Lymphoma Care Nurse Project  

Lymphoma Australia is committed to ensuring that Australians touched by lymphoma and CLL will not have to travel this journey on their own. With more than 100 subtypes of lymphoma and numerous treatments  and tests that make up the lymphoma experience a patient and their family can often feel overwhelmed, confused and scared.  BUT Lymphoma can be beaten and with the help of our lymphoma care nurses no one should feel alone.

In 2016, as a result of all the wonderful fundraisers that have helped us we were able to appoint our first 2 nurses. Our Lymphoma care nurses will be there to help patients and their families navigate the system, access the most up to date treatments and take the fear of the unknown out of the lymphoma journey.  

Your fundraising support and donations will help us make this happen in 2017 and beyond.  


Lymphoma Australia ( also known as the Lymphoma Support and Research Association) is a registered charity in Australia with  DGR status.  

  • ABN  36 709 461 048
  • Charity Number - CH 1465
  • Incorporation Number  - 1A 32791
  • DGR status

Our People

Lymphoma Australia is governed by a volunteer board composed of passionate individuals who have a dedicated vision to support the thousands of Australians touched by lymphoma each year.

Our Board

Ross Peoples

Dr Jason Butler

Gordon Shaw

Gayle Murray

Brad Gellert

Our Staff

Sharon Millman

Carol Cahill

Josie Cole