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At the age of 13 I discovered a lump in my groin and told Mum. My Mum thought I might have an infection somewhere and immediately booked me in for an appointment with our local GP.
It started around the beginning of May 2007 when I was 53. Severe back pain in the left side, around the kidneys. The pain only started late in the afternoon and was debilitating lasted all night.
I was a fit and healthy 51 year old, a husband and father of five. Holding a Ph.D in engineering, I carried out a challenging and demanding role as environmental manager for one of the world’s largest resource companies.
In March 2010, Stephen Towell started to notice he was unusually low on energy.When night sweats and rapid weight loss followed, Stephen began to worry.He had plans for a holiday, and decided he would see his local GP once he returned home.
Hello, my name is Steve McGuigan. I come from a little town up in the mountains in the Mid North Coast, west of Coffs Harbour called Dorrigo.
My Lymphoma story began in late September 2007 when I was going about my normal activities and noticed a large lump just above my collar bone.
I had felt run down and tired for some time, but having baby and a disabled daughter, always seemed to account for this. In November, 05, I found a large lump in my R breast.
August 27th 2010 the day I will never forget as long as I live it was the day my GP delivered the news to me that I had Lymphoma.
I was first diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma on my 23rd birthday. I had noticed a lump on my neck that I was worried about and my GP recommended that I have an ultrasound.

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