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Bendamustine (trade names Treakisym, Ribomustin, Levact and Treanda; also known as SDX-105) is a nitrogen mustard in the treatment of lymphoma and CLL. It belongs to the family of drugs called alkylating agents

In Germany in 2012 it has become the first line treatment of choice for indolent lymphoma after Trial results released in June 2012 showed that it more than doubled disease progression-free survival when given along with rituximab. The combination also left patients with fewer side effects than the older R-CHOP treatment.

The medicine was listed on the PBS in 2016 for the treatment of previously untreated indolent Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Mantle Cell Lymphoma in combination with rituximab.

Bendamustine can also be used as treatment option for relapsed indolent lymphoma but Australian doctors have to enrol patients in trials or seek compassionate access when Bendamustine (RIBOMUSTIN) therapy is appropriate.

I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma 5 years ago and was given R Bendamustine. I didn’t even lose my hair and I have been cancer free since then. Laura