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Lymphoma Australia has developed a wide range of useful patient information, covering all aspects of lymphoma.

  • Our resources are designed to increase your understanding of lymphoma and to support patients and their families through the various phases of their lymphoma journey.
  • You can also download and view sub-type and supportive care fact sheets at this page: Fact Sheets
  • Our resources and fact sheets are edited and reviewed by the Lymphoma Australia Medical Sub-committee and we endeavour to keep these as up-to-date as possible.  

Keeping track of my Lymphoma
Patient Diary

Living with CLL

Lymphoma: What You Need to Know

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Whilst our Lymphoma resources are free, we would appreciate any donation you can give to cover postage and handling. You can donate directly to Lymphoma Australia, or if we can help with a fundraising event please contacts us at fundraise@lymphoma.org.au.


Thank you to our supporters.

Lymphoma Australia would like to give a very special thank you to sponsors, hospitals, doctors, nurses, patients, families and friends that made our educational resources possible. Taking the fear of the unknown out of the Lymphoma journey can make a huge difference.