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Lymphoma matters too! A new diagnosis happens in Australia every 2 hours and another life is lost every 6 hours.

Advocating for lymphoma awareness, access to treatments and support for patients and families is a high priority for our organisation.To ensure we fully understand the issues for these areas we have patient advocates on our board and schedule regular meetings with lymphoma patients to assess your needs.

Lymphoma Australia is the peak consumer body representing more than 53,000 Australian men, women and children living with Lymphoma. Each year we represent another 6000 plus people who will be newly diagnosed and mourn with the families of more than 1400 patients who lose their battle with this cancer. 

Some concerns 

Lymphoma is a complex cancer with main subgroups but with more than 80 different subtypes. Outcomes vary depending on the type of lymphoma and it is important that access to the latest treatments is available for all patients. Due to low community awareness, this disease is often diagnosed late despite it being our sixth most common cancer.

Men and women are equally affected and children are not immune to this cancer. With no known cause and therefore no prevention measures we need to  ensure Australians know the signs and symptoms and patients have equitable access to the best treatments and clinical trials.

We can create change

To date, Lymphoma Australia has been advocating for the lymphoma community across a number of different forums and we will continue to work hard to ensure lymphoma receives the priority it deserves in line with the impact and mortality of this cancer. Some of our key initiatives dedicated to lymphoma include:

  • Raising national awareness via the media and community events to highlight the incidence and needs for this cancer.
  • Educating the lymphoma community about access to new treatments and clinical trials.
  • Providing submissions to the PBAC committee to assist with earlier access in Australia for new treatments for lymphoma.
  • Submitting to the Senate Inquiry in relation to access to new drugs in Australia.