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We are the only not for profit charity in Australia dedicated to patients with lymphoma, the sixth most common cancer. We are here to help.

Our Lymphoma Care Nurses
are here for you.

At Lymphoma Australia, we raise funds to support our Lymphoma Care Nurses. This ensures they can continue to provide invaluable support and care to patients living with lymphoma and CLL. From diagnosis right throughout treatment, our Lymphoma Nurses are available to help you and your family.

In addition to our patients, our Lymphoma Care Nurse team facilitates and educates nurses caring for lymphoma and CLL patients across Australia. This standardised education aims to ensure that no matter where you live, you will have access to the same good quality support, information, and care. 

Our unique program with our nurses could not happen without the pilot funding that has been received by the Federal government. We are very grateful for this support.

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To understand how you can have your say on these upcoming treatment options, click here👉 FAQ PBAC CLLSLL

The Lymphoma Numbers


The most common cancer in 15 to 29 year olds


The third most common cancer in children
0 +
New diagnoses each year.
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