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Nurse Education Webinars

 At Lymphoma Australia we have access to world class specialists who are keen to share their knowledge, so that nurses are able to provide specialist education to your lymphoma patients. 

On this page you will find all of our nursing focused webinars. To view a webinar, click each link and complete your details. Once you have submitted your details the webinar will launch.
**Don’t forget to keep a track of your professional development activities. 
If you have any difficulty accessing a webinar, please contact us on 1800953081 or nurse@lymphoma.org.au

Webinar one
Pathophysiology and subtype classifications; The patient experience

Webinar three
Indolent lymphoma and the nursing management

Webinar four
The evolving treatment landscape for lymphoma/CLL and their care in the era of new therapies 

Webinar seven
Peripheral T Cell Lymphoma and the Nursing considerations

Webinar ten
Understanding CAR-T cell therapy and the nursing role

Webinar 11
ASH is one of the largest international haematology conferences. Click to watch this wrap up of the 2022 abstracts

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