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A little about the service and your peer coach……

Caryl has been mentoring and coaching for 2 decades and she is a lymphoma survivor and a volunteer with Lymphoma Australia. Caryl understands your experience and will help you find your direction amongst the chaos. Caryl will provide caring guidance to support you.

Coaching with Caryl may help you to:

  • Cope with challenges

  • Make each day a little brighter

  • Motivate you to gain a sense of normalcy

  • Ease your feelings

  • Enhance your relationships

  • Maintain a better lifestyle

  • Achieve your goals and dreams

  • Understand your priorities

  • Find a greater sense of peace

  • Transition back to work

Who is life coaching not for?

This coaching service is not a substitute for psychological support. Coaching is not indicated for anyone in financial crisis, experiencing physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse or are in danger in any way. 

If you have any questions about this service, please contact nurse@lymphoma.org.au or 1800953081. 

Testimonials from patients
Patient K from QLD

“Participating in the lymphoma coaching with Caryl has been a nurturing and worthwhile process. I am now able to find my balance by accessing the skills obtained to remain in my ideal world and keep in the flow of living.
Although initially I was unsure as to how the coaching would assist me, it became evident quickly that it definitely had a place in my journey… allowing me to identify my capacity and ability to be supported than work independently towards finding me again.”

Patient L from NSW

“Mentally and emotionally, I was finding it very difficult to accept this diagnosis and that no treatment was necessary at this stage and told to ‘live my best life’. I reached out to the lymphoma nurse who referred me for some coaching sessions. Caryl’s coaching style enabled me to realise that I am a strong and resilient person who has survived many challenges over the years and that I will be able to deal with this new challenge that I have been given. I feel that these sessions with Caryl have provided me with strategies to deal with my thoughts of the uncertainty of not knowing when or if I will need treatment and how to live my life by focusing on being grateful and positive for all the great things I am surrounded by.”

Watch the videos to meet Caryl, the life coach, and get some great tips on goal setting. 

Celebrating Uncertainty 

By Caryl Hertz

How many of us fall short of achieving our goals or perhaps don’t even attempt them and remain tucked away nice and safe in our comfort zone.

Do you recognise any of these behaviours?
•Judgement of others that have a go
•Shut down
•Making excuses

They are all indicators that we would rather play it safe than be ready to receive all the gifts that come from embracing uncertainty. The secret is to be ok when things don’t work out and just find another way to make it happen, and to believe in yourself and trust in the unknown. The pressure of not knowing what will happen is easier when we create a sense of adventure knowing that there are no guarantees but plenty of possibilities. 

Explore possibilities like it’s the most natural thing to do. It’s the gift you give yourself each day. It’s the sense of dreaming what if…..

If you did one new thing each day what would your attitude towards exploring be?
What’s the worst that can happen?
What are you ‘really’ avoiding?

We all know that there are no certainties in life except…
Nothing has meaning except the meaning we choose to give it. What meaning are you giving to uncertainty?

Coaching isn’t about helping you avoid problems …its about helping you develop the resilience to handle problems when they occur. 

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