World Lymphoma Awareness Day

15 September is World Lymphoma Awareness Day

World Lymphoma Awareness Day is acknowledged around the world to raise awareness of cancers of the lymphatic system.

Along with our global colleagues from the Lymphoma Coalition we aim to increase awareness for both Lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL) on World Lymphoma Awareness Day.

Despite a new diagnosis every 2 hours in Australia, Lymphoma is currently a low priority cancer in this country. Our aim is to improve community awareness to assist with an early diagnosis and access to the best available treatment.

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What can you do ?

Get behind us! Support Lymphoma Awareness Day this September.

You can help us by joining one of our Lymphoma Australia events, creating your own event or setting up an online fundraising page to share with your friends.

Turn Australia LIME the best way you can in your community and create awareness and support for a common but not very well known blood cancer. There is strength in numbers and we need your support.

We ask you to:

  • Put lymphoma in the limelight – go LIME on 15 September and wear our shirts, hats, wristbands or ribbons – order now
  • Host a morning or afternoon tea or lunch
  • Make a donation
  • Join the virtual conversation. During September, connect with the global community online by following Lymphoma Coalition and Lymphoma Australia and use the hashtag #WLAD or #lime4lymphoma when sharing your experiences
  • Share via social media – change your profile picture, tweet support, tag us in your photos, share videos and messages
Visit the Lymphoma Australia Social Media Campaign 2019
No Cancer is a Good Cancer

Ready to Help Increase Awareness?

GO LIME – get some ideas on how you can help!

Start FUNDRAISING and support us and our nurses!

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Donations to Lymphoma Australia over $2.00 are tax deductible. Lymphoma Australia is a registered charity with DGR status. ABN number – 36 709 461 048

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