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You can continue to support us by Joining our Event- Free Haircuts!

When -  held on Saturday the 21st of May, 2016

Where - Brunswick Hotel, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane  

WHY - Every lymphoma patient has a journey to share. Danika has taken us along with her, inspired us as she shared her challenges and NOW shares with us the triumph of reaching that 5 YEAR remission mark!

Five years ago, Danika was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. At the time, Danika held a fundraising event and Beck’s husband, James, shaved his head along with Danika and other friends to show support for her, raise awareness of Lymphoma as a cancer and support this charity. Danika told us at the time that she would commit to shaving her head again after being in remission for 5 years, once again to raise funds that go to Lymphoma Australia. The funds are used to support them in their important mission to increase awareness, look for a cure and to support those that are affected. Beck promised Danika that when that time came, she would join in the shave with her to help raise as much money as possible for Lymphoma Australia.

And now, that time is here.

Danika recovered and is healthy again. However, there many thousands of people affected by this illness and we have chosen to do our part by chopping off our hair, joining in the fundraising effort, and organising this event.

Our hair will be going to Variety – The Children’s Charity - Alopecia Program, to make wigs for children with alopecia who cannot grow their own hair. It is not easy to donate hair to cancer foundations in Australia, so we have chosen another wonderful organisation to give ours to. It will be a difficult experience for us to lose our hair, Danika for the second time, but nothing compared to having no choice at all.

We understand that we all have busy lives, charities that we personally support and personal financial/time restrictions. If you would like to make a donation to the team, Danika or Beck, please visit our everyday hero page to make a donation.

WE DID IT - with your help and support  

Thanks to everyone who was there to see the loss of our famous locks. We have broken our target of $15,000 - THANK YOU! 

A special thank you and shout out to all our sponsors, particulary the Brunswick Hotel, for the wonderful prizes, vouchers and donations.

With cash donations coming thick and fast on the day, Danika's mother-in-law Danielle also stepped up to the challenge and lost her lovely locks. Our MC Guy Horsley and guests also went under the clippers, losing their hair and also a beard!

We can only imagine how hard it was for them to lose your locks for lymphoma. A truly selfless act that shows support and dedication to the lymphoma cause on so many levels. A very big thank you to all who turned out, to the sponsors and donators, and to each and every donor - you have truly made a difference. 

If you would like to get behind these wonderful ladies, you can still donate here.

Thank you for your wonderful and ongoing support Danika, Beck and families, you are truly amazing.