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Immunotherapy is based on the concept that immune cells or antibodies that can recognize and kill cancer cells can be produced in the laboratory and then given to patients to treat cancer. Cancer cells may also suppress immunity, which may contribute to the immune system's failure to recognize cancer cells as foreign invaders.

Immunotherapy treatments help fight the lymphoma by giving the immune system a long lasting memory so that it can continually adapt to the cancer over time and provide a durable, long term response to the cancer. Immunotherapy is administered as an infusion into a vein in the arm.

Two checkpoint inhibitors showing promise for lymphoma include Nivolumab (nye vol' ue mab), marketed as Opdivo and Keytruda also known as Pembrolizumab

Immunotherapy drugs are currently approved in Australia for classical Hodgkin lymphoma. 

However there are immunotherapy trials in Australia for lymphoma. To find out more ask your doctor, dowload the ClinTrial Refer app or call Lymphoma Australia on 1800 359 081.  

"After a number of failed therapies I am now in remission after starting a PD1 trial." Melissa