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Lymphoma Care Nurses

Nurses Donna and Sharna

(Photo: Dr Michael Aitkenhead, Senior Medical Advisor Haematology - Janssen; Sharna Moloney, Lymphoma Care Nurse Consultant; Dr Jason Butler, Lymphoma Australia Board; Prof Simon Rule, education day guest speaker; and Donna Gairns, Lymphoma Care Nurse Consultant) 

Our Lymphoma Care Nurses are here to help you from diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

Everyone’s Lymphoma and CLL experience is different. Our Lymphoma Care Nurses will be there to help patients and their families navigate the system, access the most up to date information about their lymphoma and treatments and to take the fear of the unknown out of the lymphoma journey. 

The key roles of a Lymphoma Care Nurse are: 

  • Provision of education and support to lymphoma patients and their families including lymphoma and treatment related information, emotional support, access to support groups, referrals to allied health professionals, addressing fertility issues and implanting survivorship programs
  • Development of education initiatives including resources for patients about treatment and supportive care
  • Supporting patients to access new treatments and clinical trials
  • Lymphoma Care Nurse Support Line is a free call for anyone in Australia operating Monday – Friday during business hours
  • For any medical issues or emergencies call your medical team or dial '000" for an ambulance 

Lymphoma Care Nurse Support Line 1800 953 081

Email nurse@lymphoma.org.au 

Join our dedicated closed Facebook group Lymphoma Down Under for patients and carers


Patient Carol with Nurse Donna(Photo: follicular lymphoma patient Carol receiving support from Lymphoma Care Nurse Donna)


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