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Thank you for helping to take the fear of the unknown out of the lymphoma journey.

For patients like Vicki and her family (pictured above with Lymphoma Care Nurse Donna), a lymphoma care nurse makes all the difference.

"From the moment the Lymphoma Nurse answered our call, my fears started to disappear. We had someone on our side, who understood the medical terms and explained the diagnosis and sub-type and could answer our questions with compassion.

Our Nurse (Donna) has been as involved in Vicki’s journey as if we were her family; we couldn’t do this without the support of Lymphoma Australia and their nurses.” - Melissa - mother of Vicki, aged 16.

Your gift is important. 

Together we can address a growing need which is that every Australian diagnosed with lymphoma should have access to the appropriate support; no matter where they live or what their financial situation.  


Your donation will make a big difference to Lymphoma patients and their families.

Lymphoma Australia is committed to raising awareness, providing support and searching for a cure.

We need your support to make this happen and ensure no one is on the lymphoma journey alone.

  • $500 can help fund a Lymphoma Nurse to ease patients through their journey
  • $200 can help fund a vital phone conversation (through the Nurse Hotline) for remote or rural Australians touched by lymphoma
  • $100 can help fund free info/education sessions for Lymphoma patients and their families
  • $65 can provide detailed information packs to newly diagnosed Lymphoma patients
  • $25 can go towards running online support forums for Lymphoma patients 


We have a range of other opportunities for supporters to get involved and support our important work.  

These include: 


Here's how your support and donations assists patients and nurses...



Donations to Lymphoma Australia over $2.00 are tax deductible. Lymphoma Australia is a registered charity with DGR status. ABN number - 36 709 461 048