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Bringing joy to other patients: Anthony’s Story

I was diagnosed in February 2019 with stage 1-2 Non Hodgkin B Cell Follicular Lymphoma.

I had my lump removed at RBWH in Brisbane. I then went through three rounds of RCHOP chemo and 15 days of radiation.

On September 9th 2019 I was told I was in remission from it.

The radiation therapy was ok but the RCHOP chemo destroyed me with terrible fatigue. I am gradually trying to build my work hours up, but the fatigue still affects me most days.

I was diagnosed last year with trigeminal neuralgia in my face, when a blood vessel is rubbing against the trigeminal nerve giving me electric zaps in my face. There is no cure for it, but I had one operation it failed, so waiting for a new procedure.

Every year I raise money for Lymphoma Australia by dressing up as the green avenger and doing my singing and dancing videos, that I share in the private Facebook Group Lymphoma Down Under.

I love to be able to share joy and bring a smile to others who are facing this terrible cancer or who are in remission and pay tribute to those who have passed.

This year I will be doing Legs Out for Lymphoma in March with my team the Looney Army. I look forward to seeing you all there.

~Anthony “Green Avenger”

Anthony’s 2023 Legs Out Team is the Looney Army. You can sponsor them at:

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