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Reverand Mel Macarthur describes himself as a transcontinental cyclist. He has completed several extensive rides across the world, and plans to finish circumnavigating the globe by 2008.
No one is immune to Lymphoma. Something I learned through my encounter with cancer, is that you’re not the only person affected by it.
Lymphoma is a Journey we take together. Kristen was born a beautiful healthy bouncing baby girl on 16 September 1996.
What one doctor thought was a simple case of adult eczema in December 2008 started eight months of doctor’s visits, blood tests, x-rays, scans, biopsies, pills, potions and lotions.
This is the story of how Liam won the fight against Non – Hodgkin Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma! As parents whose child has just been diagnosed with cancer, we grabbed on every single word or story that gives us hope and belief.
My life up until January 2011 was like any other typical 16-year-old. I had just finished year 10 was looking forward to starting my senior years and doing well in my HSC, I was learning to drive and had a part-time job.
In 1999 I was completing year 11 at high school. I was involved in many sports and doing pretty well at my studies. For quite a few months I had been feeling overwhelmingly tired and, though I couldn’t notice it, I was loosing a fair bit of weight.

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