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In March 2010, Stephen Towell started to notice he was unusually low on energy.When night sweats and rapid weight loss followed, Stephen began to worry.He had plans for a holiday, and decided he would see his local GP once he returned home.
Hello, my name is Steve McGuigan. I come from a little town up in the mountains in the Mid North Coast, west of Coffs Harbour called Dorrigo.
My Lymphoma story began in late September 2007 when I was going about my normal activities and noticed a large lump just above my collar bone.
I had felt run down and tired for some time, but having baby and a disabled daughter, always seemed to account for this. In November, 05, I found a large lump in my R breast.
August 27th 2010 the day I will never forget as long as I live it was the day my GP delivered the news to me that I had Lymphoma.
I was first diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma on my 23rd birthday. I had noticed a lump on my neck that I was worried about and my GP recommended that I have an ultrasound.
Reverand Mel Macarthur describes himself as a transcontinental cyclist. He has completed several extensive rides across the world, and plans to finish circumnavigating the globe by 2008.
No one is immune to Lymphoma. Something I learned through my encounter with cancer, is that you’re not the only person affected by it.
Lymphoma is a Journey we take together. Kristen was born a beautiful healthy bouncing baby girl on 16 September 1996.

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