Indolent (slow-growing) B-cell NHL

Indolent lymphomas are low-grade lymphomas that grow very slowly. They may also go through dormant periods where they are “sleeping” and not changing at all. Some indolent lymphomas can even shrink without any treatments. For this reason, many people with an indolent lymphoma may not need treatment straight away. Some people will never need treatment for their indolent lymphoma though many will eventually, if the lymphoma “wakes up” and starts to grow.

Most indolent lymphomas cannot be cured, however many people live a long and good quality life with indolent lymphoma.


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Most indolent lymphomas are a subtype of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), however there is one subtype of Hodgkin lymphoma called Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin Lymphoma that can also be indolent. 

Most types of low-grade lymphoma develop from B cells but some low-grade lymphomas can develop from T cells. You will often not need treatment when you are first diagnosed, as the “sleeping” lymphomas are not affected by current treatments. Most people will start on Watch and Wait approach where you will be actively monitored by your specialist team for and signs of the lymphoma waking up. Once it wakes up, then you may need treatment.

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Understanding Watch and Wait

Indolent B-cell subtypes

There are many different types of low-grade NHL. Some of them are listed below and we’ve listed the most common ones below. Click on the more info link to be redirected to the webpage about the subtype you want to learn more about.

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