Charlie’s Story – 76 yrs old, and lymphoma doesn’t slow me down

At the age of 76 Charlie was diagnosed with lymphoma – but lymphoma hasn’t slowed this young man down.

Charlie has always lived a very active life, spending the first part of his life as a carpenter in the Melbourne suburbs, and then moving to the country to become a dairy farmer at the age of 43. After 28 years of farming Charlie retired and now lives with his wife Mavis in Trafalgar, a quiet country town in Victoria. With a passion for the outdoors, at the age of 74 Charlie received a push bike for a present; he started to ride on a regular basis, occasionally heading off for days at a time, and enjoys 18 holes of golf 4-5 times a week.

After his eldest daughter researched what she could do to help her dad, and attending the Eat Well Be Well Program at The Gawler’s Foundation in Yarra Glen, she bought ‘The China charlie2Study’ for her dad to read, a book which is based on the results of food and cancer. From that moment Charlie changed his diet to Vegan, eliminating dairy, meat, processed sugars and 

The health benefits have been overwhelming with his diabetes, blood pressure and at this stage no increase in his lymphoma. He has drastically reduced his insulin and is no longer on blood pressure tablets. The medical practitioners have all been amazed with his results.

He continues to live life to the fullest, spending quality time with his children and grandchildren, and always planning his next overnight ride.

Charlie is an inspiration to all.

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