Scans and lymphoma

There are a number of scans that can be done to help doctors make a diagnosis of lymphoma or chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. Scans are also used to check how the treatment is going or to review whether your lymphoma has come back. This section will focus on the different types of scans that may be ordered, the difference between these scans, why they are done, and what to expect.

Scans are done for a number of reasons that include:

  • To investigate symptoms prior to your diagnosis
  • To locate areas in the body that the lymphoma has spread to at diagnosis – staging
  • To help locate the best area for a biopsy of a lymph node to be done for diagnosis
  • To review how your treatment is working part way through treatment – staging
  • To check that your lymphoma is in remission (no signs of lymphoma) at the end of treatment
  • To check that your lymphoma remains in remission
  • To see whether your lymphoma has come back (relapse)
  • Scans can be done to assess other medical conditions or side effects from treatment

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