Patient Stories

I called my sister, a nurse, and I said “they have found a mass in my neck”. I thought it was weird because it was not nice terminology to use talking about ‘something awful that is happening to other people’.
My job as a professor in the tourism field has provided lots of travel opportunities. In April 2004 I boarded a plane bound for Korea.
In 2009 when I was initially diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma, I was enlisted in the Australian Regular Army as a Rifleman and at the time posted up in Townsville.
At the age of 76 Charlie was diagnosed with lymphoma – but lymphoma hasn’t slowed this young man down.
Back in March of 2003 while working in Auckland, I was diagnosed with testicular lymphoma. A orhidectomy was carried out I commenced 6x cycles of CHOP with 2spinal injections of Methotrexate Chemo.
I’m a 43 year old woman, who has always considered herself strong, fit and healthy. The 15th September 2006, was my dad’s birthday. In the evening on this day I was due to sing at a restaurant gig with my three piece band.
This is the story of our adored mother who sadly lost her battle with Lymphoma on the 19th February 2005. Mum was a fighter, she fought for her beliefs and was always there for those who sought her advice or help.
In early 2002 I was diagnosed with ‘T’ Cell Lymphoma after much procrastination by several doctors and specialists over several weeks. Initially the medical opinion was that I had contracted Meningococcal which was then changed to Ross River Fever.
Hi, my name is Adeline and I am 61 years old. This is just a short story of my experiences with cancer.
I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma on the 23rd December 2009. Since that day my life has had some interesting turns. Having been in show business all my life, I thought I had led a very interesting life up until then.

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