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Topic: Novel (new) Therapies for Indolent Lymphomas


  • Dr Michael Gilbertson, Monash Health
  • Donna Gairns, Lymphoma Australia 

Topics included:

  • Novel (new) therapies in indolent (slow growing) lymphoma 
  • Lymphoma Australia services and supports available  
  • Live Q&A chat 

Part One:
Donna Gairns provided an update on Lymphoma Australia, and how we provide awareness, advocacy, education, advice, the supports provided and upcoming projects.

Part Two:
Dr Michael Gilbertson is a haematologist at Monash Health in Melbourne. Dr Gilbertson has a particular interest in Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, where he has been the primary chief investigator on a number of clinical trials on lymphoma at Monash Health and international joint projects. authored and co-authored a number of peer reviewed publications. He is a member of a number of committees including the Australian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Group.  Dr Gilbertson discussed indolent (slow growing) lymphomas. He discussed the latest novel or new therapies that are showing promise in indolent lymphomas. Dr Gilbertson also discussed the current treatments that being investigated and may treat indolent lymphoma.  

For questions, please contact Donna Gairns, Lymphoma Care Nurse; T: 1800 953 081 or nurse@lymphoma.org.au